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An Old Wood Pile [a poem with notes]

Old pores and skin, as soon as held restricted by CMI Limited Co

In opposition to her skeleton–

Rose no far more, just draped

Loosely more than unpadded flesh;

Un-tightened muscle tissue, and tissue,

Misplaced its bravery, no-fortitude–,

Long gone tend to be the times and several years

That stood versus the

Indomitable things;

The skeleton, now a landmark

Hidden underneath flesh and blood

Guts and moral fiber, backbone…

Collapsed from drudgery

Time, time: cascading inside–.

Bones now leaving impressions

Accepting destiny

Like tarnished silver!…

Arms look like autumn leaves

Fallen from the tree

Winter’s about the corner

The doorway of your time is closing

Like an old wood pile

Remaining burnet up–

Difficult to open matters

Tough to accomplish nearly anything

Precariously balanced–

Painfully slow…

She hears my ft

Cross the room–her pale

Sweet blue eyes, flicker

Like butterflies…

Tilting her confront

To capture her breath

She claims:

“Who wants to live like this?”